So, apparently, I lied

In my last blog post I think I promised that I would be back to blogging more regularly, which hasn’t entirely panned out.  But I am not going to give up on my resolution.  Plus, I’ve just been out of the country for a few weeks which I think gives me an excellent excuse for no blogging.

My family and I went for a week to Provence–which was AMAZING.  What a beautiful, magical place.  Even my six-year old, who despises even the sight of cheese, had a fabulous time.  Definitely makes it hard to be back in Brooklyn, in the middle of a heat wave.

We also stopped in London where my book just came out.  It was such great fun to meet everyone at my publisher there and to return to the place I wrote my very first book.  And to come back to have a reading of my PUBLISHED novel?  Incredible.

More soon!  I promise, seriously this time.  For real.

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