WTFH Book Trailer

Was so lucky to have the chance to work with one of my dearest friends on my book trailer for WHERE THEY FOUND HER. Many, many thanks Elena Evangelo for sharing your creative genius.

And check out the trailer here:
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New WTFH Blurb by Gillian Flynn!

New blurb for Where They Found Her is in! And, in case you were wondering: Yes, I am getting it embroidered on a pillow so I can sleep with it.
“McCreight doesn’t just give us an intense, interwoven, multigenerational, multi-household mystery (as if that isn’t enough). She creates a world that pulls us in completely and genuinely, with characters that can enrage, amuse, and fill us with empathy. It’s a thrilling, lovely novel.” – Gillian Flynn, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Gone Girl.

Many, many, many thanks to the insanely talented and incredibly kind Gillian Flynn!

Kirkus Review

The first official pre-publication review for Where They Found Her is in and the Kirkus Review gave it a star! Couldn’t be more thrilled.

“The discovery of an infant’s body rocks a seemingly idyllic New Jersey town in McCreight’s intense sophomore effort. Accustomed to writing lifestyle articles, reporter Molly Sanderson—a recent transplant to upscale Ridgedale with her English-professor husband and young daughter—never expected her first hard-news story to involve a dead baby. She’s still reeling from her own miscarriage, and when an unidentified newborn girl is found in the woods near the college campus, it hits close to home. Expanding on the alternating-perspectives technique she used in her first novel, Reconstructing Amelia (2013), McCreight slowly lays out the pieces of the grim puzzle, which include Molly’s ever widening investigation; the fears of the town as expertly conveyed through comments left on Molly’s online news stories; and a complex relationship between two teenage girls from different sides of the tracks. At 16, Sandy Mendelson is more mature than her hard-partying mother, Jenna, who thinks nothing of parading a series of men (and drugs) in front of her daughter. After dropping out of school to help earn money for rent, Sandy is trying to get her GED diploma with the help of tutor Hannah Carlson, a high school senior whose life couldn’t be more different. The daughter of Ridgedale’s police chief—who’s a reluctant source for Molly—and a demanding mother, Hannah is a tightly coiled spring. As rumors abound and Molly investigates the town’s—and the college’s—squeaky clean image, the baby’s identity and her parentage threaten to tear Ridgedale apart. Genuinely suspenseful and disturbing; McCreight delivers a provocative, timely novel that reminds us that sometimes the things that shine the brightest have the dirtiest underbellies.”

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The Pingry School Event

Had a great time on Friday being a part of the 2015 Justin Society Creative Writing Festival at The Pingry School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

I was invited by Dr. Susan Dineen, one of my high school English teachers who now teaches at Pingry and I got the chance to run a workshop with my very own group of students–a first for me. They were enthusiastic and attentive and so talented! Plus, I got to share the day with such a wonderful group of talented writers: Tina Chang (Brooklyn Poet Laureate), Jessica Knoll (fiction), Aja Monet (poetry) and Said Sayrafiezadeh (memoir and fiction–who I somehow didn’t get a proper picture of unfortunately).

Thanks so much for having me Pingry and Dr. Dineen. No better reminder of how and why you’re writing than explaining it to young, aspiring writers.


Jodi Picoult on WTFH

It’s an amazing day when one of your idols agrees to read your new book, but it’s a dream come true when they say this:

“A roller-coaster of a novel, with finely drawn characters whose lives unravel when a dead newborn is found in their affluent college town — and the past refuses to stay hidden. How lucky for us readers — McCreight has once again proven herself to be an insightful writer capable of taking us on a hell of a ride.” – Jodi Picoult, #1 NYT bestselling author of Leaving Time and The Storyteller

My endless gratitude to the always lovely and wildly generous Jodi Picoult. And if you haven’t read her new book LEAVING TIME, you must do so immediately–it is wise and moving and can’t put down fabulous.