Sarah’s Bookshelves Discussion!

Already read WHERE THEY FOUND HER and dying to chat about it? Check out Sarah’s Bookshelves Spoiler Filled Discussion of WHERE THEY FOUND HER.

And never fear you can read the review below safely if you haven’t yet finished–Sarah does an excellent job with her spolier warnings!

“My favorite thing about this book is that I made multiple guesses about the outcome of the story and was wrong about every single one of them, which is exactly what I want out of a good thriller. In my spoiler discussion, I threw all my wrong guesses out there for discussion. Where They Found Her is an edge of your seat page turner and a great selection for people who like books set on college campuses. It will also go on my 2015 Summer Reading List.”

BookCourt Launch Party

Very belated posting of some photos from my launch event which was exactly one month ago today! Thank you to the wonderful BookCourt for hosting me again. And thank you, thank you to everyone who came out yet again and made it such a warm and wonderful night. More photos of the WHERE THEY FOUND HER tour to come!





Drey’s Library Review of WTFH

“Where They Found Her is tightly written, and shares just enough information to keep us hooked and guessing. At one point just about every character seemed guilty of something, which is a testament to McCreight’s mad skillz at weaving a tale. She does wrap up all the loose ends by the time you turn the last page, for which I’m thankful. Fans of the genre should definitely pick up Where They Found Her – and prepare to spend a few hours completely engrossed!”

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and all the many more who mother.

None of us are perfect (as demonstrated by my pre-portrait outtake). But we are all–each and every one of us–more than good enough.

And thank you to my incredible daughters for giving me the gift of being their mother.