WTFH Blog Review

“To me, this was a great example of how prologues and alternating points of view can be well done. I was so caught up in character history, and wanting to find out what happened, that the end of the book caught me by surprise. I wasn’t ready to leave Ridgedale.

This was the perfect book to hang me from my Gone Girl hangover. This is a book you’re definitely going to want to bring to the beach with you this summer.”

Thank you so much, Nicole Tone!

Check out her lovely blog here:

The Book Club of Broad Brook

Thanks again to The Book Club of Broad Brook, CT for hosting me a couple weeks again–as always it was a great event!


Happy Father’s Day

Sending out a big thank you to all the dads who make such a huge difference every day. I could not do it without this man. And they wouldn’t be half as amazing as they are without him to look up to. Happy Fathers Day!!!


My first in-person book club meeting!

Had such a lovely time last night at my first in person book club meeting for WHERE THEY FOUND HER! Many many thanks to the Book Lovers for hosting me on that beautiful porch and your wonderful insightful questions (and delicious food!). A special thanks to Linda for reaching out and inviting me. It was so lovely to meet everyone!