Amelia Baron FB Page!

Amelia Baron has her own Facebook Page! It was set up by my fabulous French publisher Cherche-Midi in advance of Reconstructing Amelia’s publication there in September. Because it’s in French, I have little to no idea what the FB Page says (5 years of French for naught). But it looks SUPER awesome.

If you speak French, check it out here:


Charlotte’s Web of Books on WTFH

“Bottom line – Kimberly McCreight is making a name for herself as one of the premier suspense authors our time. She builds her stories in such an intricate and layered fashion that you find yourself unable to tear yourself away from her world. It makes for a thrilling read.”

Thanks so much Charlotte’s Web!

Check out this lovely blog here:


Reconstructing Amelia goes to France!

Reconstructing Amelia comes out in France in September! Check out the awesome cover. Who here thinks I’m just gonna HAVE to go to Paris to help promote it?


Reconstructing Amelia Discussion

Joined these brilliant, lovely ladies a couple nights ago for a discussion of Reconstructing Amelia and they gave me such a fabulous thank you gift! There are many things I love about being a writer but spending an evening getting to know people who obviously adore each other truly tops the list.