Family Circle’s Top 7 Beach Reads

Awesome that WHERE THEY FOUND HER is one of Family Circle’s Top 7 Beach Reads. Even better? Being on a list with HARPER LEE!!

Check out the full list:


Our last night in Italy!

Already mourning loss of our happy vacation faces.


Boston Globe Review on WTFH

“Kimberly McCreight is carving out a niche for herself with mystery novels that feature neurotic hipsters and their children, their lives of suburban entitlement rife with vipers….Clues and red herrings are sprinkled everywhere, and reading this book is like watching someone slowly and deliberately set up pieces on a chessboard until finally it becomes evident how they connect.”

Thank you Boston Globe for the lovely review!

Read the full article here:

“This is not the season to stay silent”

Spotted today in an exhibit at the Venice Biennial–might just be the perfect quote to open The Outliers.