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  • A USA TODAY Bestseller

  • Amazon Best Mystery of the Month

  • Barnes and Noble Best Mystery of the Month

  • Library Reads Best of April

  • IndieNext Pick for May

  • An April 2015 Barbara’s Pick for Library Journal

  • Entertainment Weekly Must List

  • Huffington Post Must-Read For Spring

  • InStyle Page-Turning Pick for April

“A roller-coaster of a novel, with finely drawn characters whose lives unravel when a dead newborn is found in their affluent college town—and the past refuses to stay hidden. How lucky for us readers—McCreight has once again proven herself to be an insightful writer capable of taking us on a hell of a ride.”
— Jodi Picoult, #1 NYT bestselling author of Leaving Time and The Storyteller

"With Where They Found Her, Kimberly McCreight doesn't just give us an intense, interwoven, multigenerational, multi-household mystery (as if that isn't enough). She creates a world that pulls us in completely and genuinely, with characters that can enrage, amuse and fill us with empathy. It's a thrilling, lovely novel."
 Gillian Flynn, #1 NYT bestselling author of Gone Girl

"McCreight is quickly rising into a league with the best purveyors of the stuff, fromJodi Picoult to Harlan Coben."

"Completely riveting. A brilliant thriller which engages fully in the modern world, but still manages to give that satisfying feeling of a classic detective story."
— Emma Healey, Costa Award winning author of Elizabeth is Missing

“Coiled as tightly as a spring, Where They Found Her begins with a small town’s tragedy and doesn’t relent until every secret, and character, is exposed. Kimberly McCreight has written another satisfying, dark page-turner that pounces off the page.”
— Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet

Where They Found Her is a fast-paced, intensely moving story filled with complex characters who drag you unresisting into their dark and tangled lives. It kept me guessing until the very last chapter.”
 Chevy Stevens, New York Times bestselling author of Still Missing and That Night

Where They Found Her is the intensely gripping story about the power of secrets spilling from one generation to the next, growing larger and darker until they swamp everyone in their path and sweep to a shocking, surprising end.”
— Carla Buckley, author of The Deepest Secret

"Genuinely suspenseful and disturbing; McCreight delivers a provocative, timely novel that reminds us that sometimes the things that shine the brightest have the dirtiest underbellies."
— Kirkus (Starred Review)

"McCreight’s much-anticipated second novel (following Reconstructing Amelia, 2013) is a gripping and tender examination of misplaced trust."

"One of the most gripping novels of the season."
—Barnes and Noble Review

"Edgar-finalist McCreight (Reconstructing Amelia) smoothly juggles multiple voices in her strong second novel...her deft writing makes for a thoroughly riveting tale."
Publisher's Weekly

"This tightly spun sophomore effort will please fans of Amelia. McCreight has a keen grasp of the epistolary technique and is adept at providing readers the puzzle pieces they need to build a broader picture."
Library Journal

"With Where They Found Her, she has delivered another eerie, harrowing read. Through flashbacks and multiple narrators—some more reliable than others—McCreight weaves a deeply satisfying spellbinder that unfolds deliciously to the very last chapter."

"Fans of Gillian Flynn’s mean and masterful Gone Girl, rejoice, because this is the one you’ve been waiting for. . .in a tour de force of literary talent that will grip you from page one and carry you—sometimes unwillingly—into the dark heart of this mystery."
Barnes and Noble

"Keeps us guessing right to the end."
Charlotte News & Observer

“Suspenseful…fluent in the text messages where the dramas of modern life play out."
—USA Today

"A dead newborn in the woods recalls painful memories for mourning reporter Molly Sanderson in this twisting thriller in which nobody is what they seem. Was the baby that of a college student in this upscale, upstate New York town? Or is a townie to blame? Even seasoned mystery readers won't see the twists coming in this fast-paced read filled with unreliable narrators."
—Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Author Kimberly McCreight has got the literary bull by the horns. Impressing readers and critics with her debut thriller Reconstructing Amelia in 2013, McCreight and HarperCollins have wasted no time publishing an equally gripping second thriller.”
—A Novel Narcoleptic

“I love when I can read a book and NOT figure it out. Nowadays some reads are so easy to figure out that it kind of ruins the joy of it all…this is why Kimberly McCreight has become one of my favorite new authors. I fell in love with her writing since her first book Reconstructing Amelia and this new one doesn’t disappoint either. So do yourself and favor and if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading her novels what are you waiting for?”
—A Southern Girl’s Bookshelf

“I’m thrilled to say I enjoyed this book as much as or more perhaps than her first. I believe McCreight has proven her ability to weave a story that pulls you in and keeps you turning pages till the very end.”
—Anita Loves Books

"These characters are believable, they’re human, they’re imperfect. They are everything a reader demands in a good thriller. And the breadcrumbs? Oh my, the breadcrumbs. A visual clue that may or may NOT lead you to the guilty party. In Kimberly McCreight’s nimble hands, a single word, innocently tossed out for character description, made me wonder more than once…”could it be her? ” followed by “oooh, now that watch must mean something, see, wait, umm, does it?” Tip of the hat, Kimberly, you had me doubting myself."
—Backseats and Airports

Where They Found Her packs a powerful punch and leaves a lasting impression.”
—Jen's Book Thoughts

"A must read that will tug at your heart strings and make you wonder if you really know your friends, loved ones and even yourself."
—Chicks Dig Lit

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